Personnel Tracking & Construction Worker Safety

Simplifying the monitoring of workers across large worksites
Mesh Systems Personnel Tracking & Construction Worker Safety solution is an end-to-end platform that uses off-the-shelf BLE beacons embedded in personnel badges or cards to track the location and dwell time of employees and contractors within these sites. The solution uses affordable components along with customizable apps and reporting to improve visibility, ensure compliance with labor and safety requirements, and strengthen staffing and project management.

Simplifies managing personnel

Offers end-to-end monitoring of personnel to verify when they enter and leave workplaces and their dwell times at various locations or zones

Reduces operating expenses

Speeds up the administration of personnel and identification of people who are unauthorized to be at a workplace, and reduces need for on-site security

Increases efficiency and security

Integrates with other systems and processes to improve visibility into status and security of personnel, and insights to improve staffing decisions